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For a long time I have been really interested in start-up societies (Seasteading Institute, Start-Up Societies Foundation, Free Cities Project) but have been frustrated by slow progress. Recently I read The Network State and am extremely impressed with the idea. I see how the ideas Balaji presents could give start-up societies real traction. Here is what stands out about the book to me:

  • Legacy startup societies, appealing to governments without a history of success, appear to governments as high risk startups on numerous fronts simultaneously (technological, marketing, legal, administrative, financial etc.). Mature network unions, on the other hand, will present as established communities with  proven economic and administrative records as well as a substantial treasury. This translates into more productive government relations for network states in the future.
  • Network unions are the birth of a new kind of institution for the digital age. They offer a completely fresh approach to collaborating on shared action in a decentralized, open and trustless manner.
  • Network states represent a rejection of the top-down monopoly of institution creation and  embrace  a new bottom-up model of building institutions that people want and choose.
  • You don’t need permission to build a startup society. You don’t have to change people’s minds or win an election. All you have to do is build your community on the digital frontier outside of “place” and behind a digital border.
  • History recorded to a ledger provides an objective judge of political truth.  The ability to build a technological truth that allows people to know where they have been (culturally) and where they are going results in different decision making.
  • The network diminishes the value of place and borders.
  • By advocating a land last strategy, Balaji radically reduces the entry barriers to building a startup society.

I plan to spend the rest of my working life to advance this idea. If you share the passion, then I hope we can work together to build something great. Visit the Projects page to see projects with bounties that you can earn by working on this topic.