Earn Crypto – You can earn crypto by completing projects that promote learning/development in the Network Union/State space.

For a long time I have been really interested in start-up societies (Seasteading Institute, Start-Up Societies Foundation, Free Cities Project) but have been frustrated by slow progress. Recently I read The Network State and am extremely impressed with the idea. I see how the ideas Balagi presents could give start-up societies real traction. Here is what stands out about the book to me:

  • Land last – Traditionally start-up societies have focused on land first and then built the community. Balagi recommends building the community first and then crowd-funding space in the physical world later. This is a game changing idea.
  • One commandment – Focus on one moral innovation that existing states are getting wrong and then provide ways for your community to take collective action towards your goal. Be 50-100x better at one thing and your community will grow.
  • Re-open the frontier – He explains the important role that the frontier played in the development of the United States. Re-opening the frontier on the internet opens a pressure relief valve that neutralizes politics and provides an alternative to violence.
  • Cryptography as defense – Start-up societies are vulnerable to larger more established states. By putting the “Capital” and processes/operational structure of the Network State in the cloud, cryptography can provide the defense of the young Network State. Upset state actors can’t easily deploy violence against a Network State like they could a physical micronation or city state.

I plan to spend the rest of my working life to advance this idea. If you share the passion, then I hope we can work together to build something great. Visit the Projects page to see projects with bounties that you can earn by working on this topic.