Metaverse Embassy

I own a parcel in Decentraland located at -53, 87 located adjacent to the road and near the Vegas Plaza.

I am interested in using it in some way to promote the ideas of network unions/states, automated governance and the possibility that people could live and cooperate together in completely new and innovative ways. What about building some kind of embassy on the site? Most of all, I am interested in hearing about your ideas. Let me know. Ideally, the site would be interactive and would allow people to join the new governance movement.

Up to five participants will be paid $50 USD in crypto for acceptable contributions. Target time for completion is less than 30 minutes.

Follow-On Project

If you are interested in a more substantial follow-on project to develop the Embassy in Decentraland let me know. Additional bounties will be available for that project.

Submission Guidelines

Send an email via the contact page with the following in the subject line:

JGP Metaverse Embassy – Your Name

Include your content.

Payment – My preferred payment tokens would be Bitcoin Cash (BCH) or TUSD. If you have one of those wallets include you address. If you prefer a different token just let me know.

Thanks for thinking about it.