Here is a list of the current projects that you can earn a bounty for completing. Visit the project details page for each project to learn more. In general, each project has multiple phases with the beginning phases being small. If we work effectively together, we can move on to the more substantial project phases.

Learning and Discovery

Project #1 – Build a network state learning plan – 5 bounties of $50 – Target time required = 30 minutes

Building a Utility

Project #2 – Building a moral premises survey/database – 3 bounties of $100 – Target time required = 1 hour

Project #3 – Building a BTC trading signal. Complete -View the completed project here.

Project #4 – Build a Network Union that functions as a crowd funded version of the World Health Organization (The People’s Health Organization). Real science, no censorship, open and on the blockchain accountable only to the funders. 3 bounties of $200 – Targeted time required = 2 hours

Promoting the Idea

Project #5 – Building a network state embassy or learning center in Decentraland –  5 bounties of $50 – Target time required = 30 minutes


Project #6 – How relevant/helpful is the completed work in the Aragon universe to the network union/state space? 5 bounties of $25 – Target time required = 15 minutes

Project #7 – Find or help build a map of the Aragon universe highlighting projects that people interested in network unions could learn from. 5 bounties of $25 – Target time required = 15 minutes

Propose a Project

Do you have a great idea for a project in the network union/state arena? If so, propose your project for review.