Online BTC Trading Signal

I want to build a one page website that updates the correct trading action to take (Buy, Sell or Neutral). Phase one of this project should be able to be accomplished in 30 minutes. I am looking for a developer who has worked on these types of projects before and who can advise me concerning options and budget to implement development.

Here is what the system needs to do:

  • Retrieve the daily BTC price (once per day is fine),
  • Calculate a simple moving average of the last 200 days (avg),
  • Compare the current price to the calculated average:
    • If the current price >= (1.5 x avg) then sell,
    • If current price < (1.5 x avg) AND current price > (.8 x avg) then neutral,
    • If current price <= (.8 x avg) then buy
  • Post the daily result to a webpage,
  • If the results were charted that would be ideal but not required. They key point is to publish the indicator.

In general, the system will indicate neutral. Based on my historical perspective, the system will indicate a buy or sell every 18 to 36 months so it is a really easy strategy to follow and keeps people from being on the wrong side of the market.

Project completed – see the BTC signal for non-traders here.