Discover Aragon

I have been interested in Aragon for a long time but somehow I just don’t understand it as clearly as I would like to. I would like to find someone who has used or is semi-expert on the Aragon network to talk with me about it. Could you build a network union on Aragon? I would also be interested in developing an Aragon learning plan that we could share with people.

Up to five participants will be paid $25 USD in crypto for acceptable contributions. Target time for completion is less than 15 minutes.

Follow-On Project

If you are interested in a more substantial follow-on project to help me explore how/if The Aragon network is applicable to network unions and states let me know. Additional bounties will be available for that project.

Submission Guidelines

Send an email via the contact page with the following in the subject line:

JGP Aragon – Your Name

Include your content.

Payment – My preferred payment tokens would be Bitcoin Cash (BCH) or TUSD. If you have one of those wallets include you address. If you prefer a different token just let me know.

Thanks for thinking about it.