People’s Health Organization

Build a Network Union that acts as a peer to the WHO. All information is on a blockchain, no censorship, real science, anonymous and open. The system would allow scientists and health professionals to be paid to publish their work and to review the work of other professionals.

The system would need to:

  • Allow professionals to maintain a profile with their credentials and to obscure the profile if they choose to remain anonymous,
  • Allow professionals to upload files to the blockchain,
  • Allow professionals to indicate some level of support or objection to published work. In other words, a system indicating which ideas seem to be widely supported.
  • To formulate policy recommendations.
  • Have a way for members/supporters to fund the PHO Network Union,
  • Provide a way for members to collectively and individually support content contributors.

Phase 1 of the project (the phase you are being asked to work on) would be appropriate for a developer with experience developing these types of systems and should be accomplished in under two hours. You are being asked to provide general guidance on how to formulate phase 2.

Phase 2 ( you are not being asked to do this currently) would be to develop the guiding documents and programming specifications for a project of this type.

Phases 3 through 5 would be future actual development phases.

Up to three participants will be paid $200 USD in crypto for acceptable contributions. Target time for completion is less than 2 hours.

Follow-On Project

If you are interested in a more substantial follow-on project to develop the Network Union let me know. Additional bounties will be available for that project.

Submission Guidelines

Send an email via the contact page with the following in the subject line:

JGP PHO Network Union – Your Name

Include your content.

Payment – My preferred payment tokens would be Bitcoin Cash (BCH) or TUSD. If you have one of those wallets include you address. If you prefer a different token just let me know.

Thanks for thinking about it.