The Network State for Really Busy People

January 22, 2023 galtproj 1

The Network State argues that startup societies will harness an internet technology stack to navigate around state erected roadblocks to experimentation with governance models. Building governance structions from a blank slate will allow startup societies to unbundle citizens of current nation states and re-sort them into coherent online communities with a shared consciousness.

Part VI – Network Unions

January 22, 2023 galtproj 0

Network unions are the birth of a new kind of institution for the digital age. They are a completely fresh approach to collaborating on shared action in a decentralized, open and trustless manner.

The Shifting Logic of Violence

October 17, 2022 galtproj 0

Violence – The Key Social Variable “The key to understanding how societies evolve is to understand the factors that determine the costs and rewards of employing violence.” The Sovereign Individual