Calling the Hive Mind

I am looking for great alternative investment ideas.  People who want to share their ideas can win rewards. Contestants  will convert their idea into a short (two paragraphs to two pages max) business document explaining their perspective on the question(s) posed below.  Each response will be evaluated with a winner selected for each question. 

Contest Goals:

  • Provide an opportunity for students to convert their ideas into a brief business presentation.
  • Gather ideas for further exploration.


  • Question Prize – $200 (total of 7 prizes – one for each question).

The Questions:

Contestants may answer one or all of the following questions.  Select the question(s) that most interest you, answering as many or as few as you choose.

  1. What trends do you see shaping the investment world over the next 20 years?
  2. If I wanted to chart an assets price using a non-traditional denominator how would you recommend doing that?  For instance, If I wanted to build a chart online that updates daily, pricing the S&P 500 in BTC, oil or gold, how would I do that?  I am not asking for anyone to do it, just describe how difficult it would be to do.  What might be the best data source?
  3. What regions or countries do you see as offering the best risk return relationship? Worst relationship?
  4. What opportunities do you see for investing in digital worlds (metaverse)?
  5. What do you see as the most promising defi project?
  6. Describe the most interesting project you see in the Aragon project?
  7. What are you doing to protect yourself from inflation?

Submission Guidelines:

  • Answers must be in English,
  • Answers must be brief and concise (2 pages max)
  • Submit answers for as many questions as you choose (1 or all).
  • Submit your responses via email to [email protected].  In the subject line, put the following Hive Mind Comp – Question #(s)
  • Provide your name, email.

Evaluation Parameters:

  • Answers will be evaluated based on presentation,
  • Business logic,
  • The quality of the information/perspective presented. Is it insightful?


  • None – Anyone interested can submit.