A New World

Something New is Happening!!

Legacy institutions (governments and pre-internet companies) are largely unable to adapt to the hypersonic world of change, driven by the internet and exponential technologies.  In so many ways it feels disruptive, and I find myself increasingly looking for the opportunities in this new world where the rules are being re-written.

For so long, I focused on the “Space Shuttle Challenger” style disintegration of the pre-internet world.  I watched with disbelief as the Federal Reserve printed trillions of dollars, in what seemed like a last ditch effort to throw a lifeline to governments and companies whose business models have been in an obvious state of failure for decades.

Rather than focusing upon the demise of the “old world”, however, I am redirecting my efforts in order to identify a new investment framework focused upon the emerging  financial, economic and social world.  Specifically, I am focused upon opportunities in defi, decentralized technology the metaverse and Network Unions/States.

I am looking for people who can help me make sense of this new digital  world.  What might be the main trends to explore?  What experiments should we be running? What kinds of processes might be necessary in the selection of new investments?  What kind of structure should be built so that people who contribute information and ideas can be stakeholders who participate in decision making and upside gains?