Network State Learning Plan

Help me develop a short list of learning resources that could be used by someone learn more about the Network State idea. Lets assume that they haven’t read Balagi’s book and are looking for a quick way to discover the basics.

What might be the best way for them to learn more? Could there be an experiential way of learning about the topic via video? What could we recommend for someone who wants to invest 30 minutes in learning about the idea? What about for a person who wants to invest two hours?

Up to five participants will be paid $50 USD in crypto for acceptable contributions. Target time for completion is less than 30 minutes.

You don’t have to create an entire learning plan for the first phase of this project. It might be as simple as providing a link to an article or video with great content. If it is a video, tell me how far into the video I need to scroll in order to find the content you like. The product doesn’t have to be fancy. If you have an idea that would help people to learn, I want to hear from you.

Follow-On Project

If you are interested in a more substantial follow-on project to develop the complete learning plan let me know. Additional bounties will be available for that project.

Submission Guidelines

Send an email via the contact page with the following in the subject line:

NS Learning Plan – Your Name

Include your content.

Payment – My preferred payment tokens would be Bitcoin Cash (BCH) or TUSD. If you have one of those wallets include you address. If you prefer a different token just let me know.

That’s it! Thanks for thinking about it.