Part VII – The Impact of Network States

Network states will make it possible for people who do not agree with one another to live together in peace.

People long for more civil, hopeful and pluralistic communities. The current establishment institutions manage the World to serve their interests.  People are seeking opportunities to exercise more control over their lives and future. They desire safety, property rights, consistent rule of law and sound money, along with governance mechanisms that innovate  beyond weapons and new viruses. 

There is no reason to trust or accept institutions imposed from the top down that foster communities at war over politics.  Increasingly, people are rejecting legacy systems and institutions.  Politicians, corporations and Team Davos present their plan to “Build Back Better.” However, they are the same people who got rich breaking functional systems.   Network states open the door to a completely different kind of “Great Reset”: a truly voluntary society built from the bottom up. Network states offer the possibility to completely reimagine what it means to live and work together.

Network states offer the possibility that top quality communities might no longer be exclusively awarded to those who win a birth lottery.  Valuable communities would be open to all willing to take consistent steps towards demonstrating community values. This possibility might be revolutionary to talented individuals plagued with bad paperwork (passports). With talent and/or hard work, in a network state world you can go anywhere!

Further, many wish to leave an inheritance to those who follow them.  When I say inheritance, I do not mean money.  I am talking about leaving behind a functional, prosperous and civil society.  Western societies have degraded themselves, betrayed their founding values and offer increasingly fewer opportunities to future citizens.  Network states might solve this problem.

To achieve this level of change, people require stronger and more effective tools than protesting and voting. To build a future worth having, we need a technologically enabled way to start new societies on a digital frontier protected by encryption. The network leviathan may have arisen just in time to counteract the centralized life-sucking force of the modern state. The race for liberty is on!

Two Predictions

  1. Expect to see substantial reshuffling on the leaderboard of nations (HDI, Economic Freedom indices etc.). Forward thinking and innovative nation states will develop new revenue models, services, slash expenses and harness network enabled innovation to explode past competitors. Network states and unions will play an important role in making this a reality. Plan on seeing some new names in the top twenty on GDP and HDI indexes.
  2. If you think the network leviathan is poised to shake up the world of governments, you won’t believe what might happen to corporations. Traditional corporations are poorly suited to a networked world. A new business paradigm exists demanding a completely new digitally enabled business institution. Continuing to operate in a networked business world as a legacy corporation is analogous to what happened at the beginning of WWI when cavalry charged into machine guns.


I no longer understand modern corporations to be instruments of traditional capitalism or markets. Increasingly, I understand corporations to be perversely self-serving, anti-democratic and anti-sovereignty organizations operating above national governments. Modern corporations increasingly seek to transcend national legal structures and to instead operate under a form of international law that they created (ESG, PPP, climate change, WHO, World Economic Forum etc.) How does the receding power of the state leviathan and the rise of a network leviathan impact corporate power?

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